Vision and Mission



Our vision is to nurture the potential and abilities of our students, and guide them on their learning journey and to prepare them for their life’s challenges.




Vigyan Valley nurtures and develops each student’s potential and abilities by providing individualized learning programs for our         diverse population, allowing every student to learn in a caring, supportive and enriching environment.


Our Values

 Empowerment      :      We are resourceful, accountable and proactive, using our initiative to achieve positive change and outcomes

Collaboration         :      We value teamwork and the strength that comes from diversity and from joining forces to make a difference

Excellence               :      We are professional, competent and driven, striving always to be the best we can be, in everything we do

Integrity                   :      We are reliable and dependable guided by our moral compass at all times


Individual learning programs are supported by:

 Individual Education Plans

On site therapists (Speech Language Therapists, Psychologists, and counselors)

Close links with families daily/weekly contact, school wide events and consultation

The National Institute of Open School Curriculum with an emphasis on academic subjects

Remedial interventions

High levels of staffing

Regular physical activity including yoga

Life skills incorporated into class and individual programs

Mainstream integration opportunities

Supported transitions through our school pathway and post school options


Vigyan Valley accomplishes its goals and objectives through it’s:


An array of specialized services designed to support and promote the success of individuals with learning disabilities across all aspects of life.


Trustees and Senior Leadership Team

The Trustees and the Senior Leadership Team are composed of individuals who are committed to provide exemplary services to individuals with learning disabilities, their parents, and concerned professionals.



Our staff comprises of qualified and committed professionals from the disciplines of special education, general education, psychology, counseling, speech and language pathology, and rehabilitation sciences.


Professional Advisory Board

The Professional Advisory Board offers counsel in professional and technical areas and is comprised of leading experts in the field of learning disabilities.



Vigyan Valley engages in an array of ongoing collaborative activities that support the organization’s work on behalf of individuals with learning disabilities.


Position Papers

Vigyan Valley Position Papers establish clear positions on critical issues of the day.