College of Disability Studies

The prevalence of people with disabilities in India is estimated to increase significantly. Changing demography, increasing disabling conditions, and enhanced longevity due to recent advances in medical technology and care all lead to this increase. The Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) estimates that by the end of the year 2016, the number will increase up to 2 crore, 29 lakh. It means that almost every year one lakh persons with disability will add to our population.

A major constraint in expanding the rehabilitation services in India is the lack of trained manpower to offer services to people with disabilities. According to RCI, during the year 2007, the rehabilitation sector faced a shortage of about 1.9 lakh trained personnel under different categories. By the end of the 12th Plan, the shortage of human resources will still be to the tune of 1, 04, 531!

The Foundation Course in the Education of Children with Learning Disabilities (FCECLD) of the Rehabilitation Council of India was offered by us until the RCI stopped the course nationwide since March 2013.

An application to offer the B.Ed. in Special Education (Learning Disability) was been made to the RCI and also to the MG University in Kottayam for approval; no further processing of our application was done by both bodies for want of 2 acres of land and an NOC from the Government of Kerala to start the course!